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We have currently support the following Babel Extensions:


admin ▸ 2 months ago
0.3.1 Citoniensis Released

We are now updating NOJ and when it comes NOJ would be down for a few minutes. NOJ's problem submission are now also on halt for JudgeServer updating.

admin ▸ 3 months ago
HDU Back Online

NOJ has fixed multiple issues involving HDU and finally we fixed all bugs. HDU is online now.

admin ▸ 3 months ago
Stop Accepting HDU

We are fixing issues regarding HDU problem judging. For a moment HDU would be hanged up. Your waiting submission would still be on queue until they got fixed.

admin ▸ 3 months ago
0.3.0 Orca Released

NOJ has announced it's third major version, named Orca. with tons of new features Orca would be a next milestone.

admin ▸ 3 months ago
Official QQ Group

NOJ has announced it's official QQ group, 668108264. We welcome all users to participate in and give us your feedback.

admin ▸ 5 months ago
Solution's Online

We now have solution section for all problems, welcome to submit your own solutions. NOJ's judger downs again for JSCPC reasons, we estimated the new judger would be online in a week or less.