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Prison Transfer

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The prison of your city has n prisoners. As the prison can't accommodate all of them, the city mayor has decided to transfer c of the prisoners to a prison located in another city.

For this reason, he made the n prisoners to stand in a line, with a number written on their chests. The number is the severity of the crime he/she has committed. The greater the number, the more severe his/her crime was.

Then, the mayor told you to choose the c prisoners, who will be transferred to the other prison. He also imposed two conditions. They are,

  • The chosen c prisoners has to form a contiguous segment of prisoners.
  • Any of the chosen prisoner's crime level should not be greater then t. Because, that will make the prisoner a severe criminal and the mayor doesn't want to take the risk of his running away during the transfer.

Find the number of ways you can choose the c prisoners.


The first line of input will contain three space separated integers n (1 ≤ n ≤ 2·105), t (0 ≤ t ≤ 109) and c (1 ≤ c ≤ n). The next line will contain n space separated integers, the ith integer is the severity ith prisoner's crime. The value of crime severities will be non-negative and will not exceed 109.


Print a single integer — the number of ways you can choose the c prisoners.

Sample Input:

4 3 3
2 3 1 1

Sample Output:


Sample Input:

1 1 1

Sample Output:


Sample Input:

11 4 2
2 2 0 7 3 2 2 4 9 1 4

Sample Output:




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