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1000ms 262144K


Misha and Vasya participated in a Codeforces contest. Unfortunately, each of them solved only one problem, though successfully submitted it at the first attempt. Misha solved the problem that costs a points and Vasya solved the problem that costs b points. Besides, Misha submitted the problem c minutes after the contest started and Vasya submitted the problem d minutes after the contest started. As you know, on Codeforces the cost of a problem reduces as a round continues. That is, if you submit a problem that costs p points t minutes after the contest started, you get points.

Misha and Vasya are having an argument trying to find out who got more points. Help them to find out the truth.


The first line contains four integers a, b, c, d (250 ≤ a, b ≤ 3500, 0 ≤ c, d ≤ 180).

It is guaranteed that numbers a and b are divisible by 250 (just like on any real Codeforces round).


Output on a single line:

"Misha" (without the quotes), if Misha got more points than Vasya.

"Vasya" (without the quotes), if Vasya got more points than Misha.

"Tie" (without the quotes), if both of them got the same number of points.

Sample Input:

500 1000 20 30

Sample Output:


Sample Input:

1000 1000 1 1

Sample Output:


Sample Input:

1500 1000 176 177

Sample Output:




Provider CodeForces

Origin Codeforces Round #285 (Div. 2)

Code CF501A



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Passed 43

AC Rate 47.78%

Date 03/03/2019 22:53:36


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