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Divide by three, multiply by two

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Polycarp likes to play with numbers. He takes some integer number $$$x$$$, writes it down on the board, and then performs with it $$$n - 1$$$ operations of the two kinds:

  • divide the number $$$x$$$ by $$$3$$$ ($$$x$$$ must be divisible by $$$3$$$);
  • multiply the number $$$x$$$ by $$$2$$$.

After each operation, Polycarp writes down the result on the board and replaces $$$x$$$ by the result. So there will be $$$n$$$ numbers on the board after all.

You are given a sequence of length $$$n$$$ — the numbers that Polycarp wrote down. This sequence is given in arbitrary order, i.e. the order of the sequence can mismatch the order of the numbers written on the board.

Your problem is to rearrange (reorder) elements of this sequence in such a way that it can match possible Polycarp's game in the order of the numbers written on the board. I.e. each next number will be exactly two times of the previous number or exactly one third of previous number.

It is guaranteed that the answer exists.


The first line of the input contatins an integer number $$$n$$$ ($$$2 \le n \le 100$$$) — the number of the elements in the sequence. The second line of the input contains $$$n$$$ integer numbers $$$a_1, a_2, \dots, a_n$$$ ($$$1 \le a_i \le 3 \cdot 10^{18}$$$) — rearranged (reordered) sequence that Polycarp can wrote down on the board.


Print $$$n$$$ integer numbers — rearranged (reordered) input sequence that can be the sequence that Polycarp could write down on the board.

It is guaranteed that the answer exists.

Sample Input:

4 8 6 3 12 9

Sample Output:

9 3 6 12 4 8 

Sample Input:

42 28 84 126

Sample Output:

126 42 84 28 

Sample Input:

1000000000000000000 3000000000000000000

Sample Output:

3000000000000000000 1000000000000000000 


In the first example the given sequence can be rearranged in the following way: $$$[9, 3, 6, 12, 4, 8]$$$. It can match possible Polycarp's game which started with $$$x = 9$$$.



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