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Catch That Cow

2000ms 65536K


Farmer John has been informed of the location of a fugitive cow and wants to catch her immediately. He starts at a point N (0 ≤ N ≤ 100,000) on a number line and the cow is at a point K (0 ≤ K ≤ 100,000) on the same number line. Farmer John has two modes of transportation: walking and teleporting.

* Walking: FJ can move from any point X to the points X - 1 or X + 1 in a single minute
* Teleporting: FJ can move from any point X to the point 2 × X in a single minute.

If the cow, unaware of its pursuit, does not move at all, how long does it take for Farmer John to retrieve it?


Line 1: Two space-separated integers: N and K


Line 1: The least amount of time, in minutes, it takes for Farmer John to catch the fugitive cow.

Sample Input:

5 17

Sample Output:



The fastest way for Farmer John to reach the fugitive cow is to move along the following path: 5-10-9-18-17, which takes 4 minutes.



Provider POJ

Origin USACO 2007 Open Silver

Code POJ3278


Submitted 12

Passed 4

AC Rate 33.33%

Date 03/06/2019 16:11:33


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